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AMALTHIA® hand and body cream

AMALTHIA® hand and body cream consists of a great amount of pure nutritious ingredients (olive oil, vitamins A. E, F, H. silk olive, calendula. allantoin etc.). That is why it is easily adopted and immediately absorbed by the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and all ages. It is also suitable for body and hands. From the first cream applications the results are incredible and the feeling is unique. Its main purpose is to offer health and flexibility to your skin.


  • Suitable for the regenerating of the skin in cases of diet or pregnancy. It restores the flexibility of the body without permitting emergence of stretch marks (lat. Striae gravidarum).
  • The cream is indispensably necessary for the treatment of callus at heels or elbows
  • Haggard, dry and excessive dry hands recover immediately after a single cream application
  • It helps to avoid cellulite and is fat burning: With an appropriate use of massage the cream brings the body back to its former state and reduces "orange skin"
  • The cream helps with nail treatment (pedicure - manicure) and softens the cuticle
  • Finally, local irritations from shaving, depilation, slight burnings and other external irritations find an immediate cure


CPNP Reference: 1378261


58,00 €Τιμή
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