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Hair Loss can be a problem with many aspects. It is a typical mens' problem. The sight of the bald growing male head is commonly seen as not desirable. Sometimes it can also be a problem in women, more often in the form of hair thining.

Hair falling can be caused for many reasons such as:

  • wrong hair treatment and products used

  • quality of water to wash hair

  • diet

  • phychology

  • not good body health

  • overworking- staying too long in front of a computer screen

  • hair diseases

  • periodical, natural shedding and hair gets replaced in a short time period.

Many people have an inherited tentesy to loss hair when one or more of the above reasons occur.


Everywhere in the world there are ointments, soaps, shampoos and other liquid medicaments, which are sold at high prices to the public and are said to work as hair restorers. But do they really work? 


In order for the hair to return to their their normal conditon, strong and healthy, natural products should be used. And now here comes a new worldwide patent, which fights loss of hair, Amalthia Olive Oil Soap  made all natural   

125gr Soap for Hair Loss

13,20 €Τιμή
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